February 10 – March 17, 2018

Curated by Julia Schlosser

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 10 | 4-6p.m.
Gallery Talk: Monday, February 12 | 10 a.m. with Julia Schlosser
Artist Talk: Thursday, February 22 | 11 a.m. with Curtis Bartone

This exhibition looks at the ways in which contemporary artists contemplate and investigate aspects of animal death, from the very personal loss of a companion animal to the “invisible” animal deaths we are constantly surrounded by, including factory farmed and road-killed animals.


Participate in Julia Schlosser and Joe Bautista’s anilum: A Digital Candle-Lighting Memorial Experience. Become a part of an online community celebrating the lives and mourning the loss of the animals that are important to us.


Most of us have experienced the death of a pet.
Most of us have seen a dead animal on the side of the road.
Most of us have eaten meat or consumed animal products.

Most of us have experienced the death of a friend or family member.
All of us will die.

We are all animals, human and non-human alike. Death affects us all.
Looking at, thinking about, and engaging in conversation about animal death and the rituals associated with it help us understand and accept our mortality, embrace loss and mourning, and practice empathy toward all of the earth’s living creatures.

Emma Kisiel
July 2017